Friday, April 16, 2010

Erlang in Eclipse

Today I uploaded my first meager attempt at an Erlang plug-in built using the Eclipse DLTK. It is hosted on bitbucket using mercurial.

If you are interested in seeing the code and monkeying around, feel free to clone the repository:

  hg clone

The project is currently pre-pre-alpha, and I am publishing it simply because I will be making some sweeping changes over the next few weeks and am not comfortable making those changes without putting the code under version control. Chief among those changes are the use of Tycho for the build; the use of an Erlang node instead of escripts for syntax parsing, compilation and warning/error feedback; Typerl and Dialyzer builders; test features; an update site; and better syntax tree setup. Also, I am always happy to have extra eyes on my code and I appreciate the feedback.

Over the next few weeks, I will expand on the following topics:

  • Why Erlang?

  • Why Eclipse?

  • Why Mercurial?

  • What is the backlog of features?

  • Why is the name so stupid?

  • What have I been doing for this past year?

  • What could I possibly be thinking?

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